Chef Carl Thorne-Thomsen, Part Three: Get to know Story Restaurant - The Pitch, Jonathan Bender

The Photographs of Ray K. Metzger will be hanging in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art through June 5. But they'll be up a lot longer at Story Restaurant in Prairie Village. 

The renowned photographer is chef Carl Thorne-Thomsen's uncle, and it is his work that will divide the dining room from the bar area -- local landscapes featured on three glass panels that are 5 feet wide by 7-1/2 feet tall. 

Today, Thorne-Thomsen lays out his vision for Story. On Wednesday he talked about how he came to Kansas City, and on Thursday, he explained exactly how he managed to use 11 pounds of butter in one night. 


The Name:

"It's hard to name a restaurant. I threw Story out there and actually kind of liked it. It's the story behind the ingredients. The fish comes out of a certain water or boat. And the cattle is from a ranch in Kansas. And then there are stories behind the dish as well. The inspiration for a chicken dish might be how your grandmother cooked it or a steak dish you ate in Chicago. It's the story of everything on the plate," Thorne-Thomsen says. 

The Space

The aforementioned glass panels are to the right of the hostess station after you walk in the front door. If you were to continue on to your right, you'll see the bar behind a curved wall with a door that leads out onto the patio.   

The dining room will seat 66 people with room for 20 diners in the bar and an additional 40 people on the patio. Story will be open seven days a week, serving brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. 

The Menu 

"Our appetizer menu will be about twice as long as our entree list. That's so you can feel like you can come in and get a bite and a glass of wine or a beer. It's meant to be casual," Thorne-Thomsen says. 

Right now, Thorne-Thomsen is toying with the concept of a shrimp and gnocchi dish and smoked-duck empanadas. Diners also can expect to see bright, raw preparations like ceviche and carpaccio.  

"I like that it announces that you're serving fresh food," Thorne-Thomsen says. "I love flavors that just pop." 

He's also putting together a 100-bottle wine list, which will feature mostly American wines along with a healthy selection of bottles from southern France.